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We color outside the lines.
Come and color with us!

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Who Are We?

We are Indies! We colour outside the lines and call it art.

Supporting authors who are living their dreams.

The World Indie Warriors are striving to help expand the stage for the indie voices, because indie creatives not only are able to serve diverse and niche audiences, but they can also dare to challenge conventions in a way that mainstream outlets are not able to do. If a writer feels like writing a longer book than what traditionally published convention would suggest, they can do that. If a photographer wants to use mediums that aren’t trendy, they can do that. There will be enthusiasts for all stories that defy convention, that defy the status quo.


For the interested supporter, there is an opportunity to delve into something that is raw and fresh in experimentation, outside of the status quo and conventional. The indie community isn’t just the community of indie creatives, but it is also a place for indie enthusiasts to congregate with others craving something… new, outside of the mainstream.

A Place For Everyone

When the gatekeepers have been the ones to construct and control the stage, we have seen the problem this creates. What World Indie Warriors intends to do is to help expand the stage by supporting diverse, independent voices and giving a forum for enthusiasts to discuss the impact that the artwork has on them.

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Get Discovered

Take a look at our brochures featuring Indie Creatives. Are you an author, a photographer, a musician, an artist, or any other type of Creative?

Contact us if you’d like to be included.

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Find New Friends

Do you have a question for one of our members or have a topic you’d like to discuss?


Post them here.

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Be Heard

Are you a member and have something fascinating or interesting you would like to have posted on our blog or in our eZine? Are you a reader looking for new books to read or have something you want to ask one of our authors?


Get in touch!

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Find Help

Do you need a helping hand? Check out our Helpful Resources and Featured Services.


Use the Contact Form for any queries.

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Discover New Creatives

Check out our Featured Creatives for something fresh and exciting.


You might just find a new favorite.

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TBR Lists

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Contemporary Fantasy

YA/Coming of Age



Children’s Books/Young Readers

Our Helpful Resources

A Collection of Products by Indie Creatives and Where to Find Them

World Indie Warriors | Indie Authors

Winter Brochure

Browse our latest e-Zine which is jam-packed with new releases, author interviews and fascinating articles about Japanese Folklore, a Life in Mugs, Breaking the Rules and Going Indie.

World Indie Warriors | Indie Authors

Fall Brochure

Check out our large catalog of Indie Books. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here. If it’s Book Services you’re after, we have a whole host of them, offering everything from Editing, Proof Reading and Formatting to Marketing.

World Indie Warriors | Indie Authors

Summer Brochure

An exciting collection of Indie Books, Authors and Services. Also, an interview with B.T. Keaton — author of Transference — and the Winner of the Samantha Goodwin 2020 Indie Book Cover Competition.

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