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Sanhedralite Editing & Publishing

Editing | Sanhedralite Editing and Publishing

Sherrie graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Creative and Technical Writing from Adrian College and graduated summa cum laude with a Master's degree in Rhetoric and Composition from Indiana State University.

While at ISU, she taught Freshman College English for two years before moving back to Michigan and becoming a Senior Technical Writer for the next 15 years.

Sherrie opened her own publishing company, Sanhedralite Editing & Publishing, offering Proofreading, editing and formatting for the eBook and printed platforms. 


Sanhedralite Editing & Publishing are dedicated to producing, editing, and publishing quality fiction, nonfiction, and professional writing. We assist our clients with all their proofreading, editing, and publishing endeavors!

Sherrie Dolby

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Claerie K Editing

Editing | Claerie K. Editing

Blurbs are hard. Don't worry, Claerie is here! She is able to help you write a blurb (using your synopsis) or rewriting or polish up an existing one.

Claerie's services also include Proofreading, Beta Reading, Sensitivity Reading, Manuscript Critique and a Line Edit. Please get in touch to find out which serive best meets your needs.

Claerie Karanangh

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Quill & Orb Press

Editing | Quill & Orb Press

Quill & Orb Press is a writing service for authors of some fiction genres. Aime offers proofreading, manuscript critique, and beta reading/CP services

More editing levels are forthcoming!

Aime Sund

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Spirit Editorial

Editing | Spirit Editorial

From a Beast of a manuscript to the Belle of books.

You have finally finished the umpteenth draft of your novel and are eager to have it published and on the shelves. It's time to start the editing phase, but you have looked at those words for so long, it feels like the biggest task in the world. Perhaps you feel dispirited at the thought of starting on the process and keep publishing it forward. 

At Spirit Editorial, we will help you polish that manuscript to its very best version.

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