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Book Cover Design and Formatting Services

World Indie Warriors | Book Cover Design

We always say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ While that is certainly true when judging people, it isn’t the same for an actual book. The cover is what will draw the reader’s eye and make them pick the book up to check it out further.

This means you will want the best cover for your book that you can get. After all, the cover sets both the tone and the genre of your story. There are plenty of small and big companies out there who will design a fantastic book cover for you, and many of them also have pre-made ones that can be a great fit for what you’re looking for.


While you’re thinking of making your book look beautiful on the outside, bear in mind the pages inside as well. A formatter will ensure chapter headings, scene dividers and page numbers are all in the right places, and they can also add amazing detail to your pages that will enhance your story and make the reader fall in love with the book that little bit harder. 

Editing Services

If self-publishing is your goal, editing is one of the things you should set money aside for. People expect quality when buying a book, from indie-published authors more so than ever, and no matter how often you self-edit, you will not catch it all.


As an author, you are too close to your story so your brain fills in the missing words or spelling errors. An editor, who has never seen your manuscript, comes at it with a fresh perspective. On top of that, they are well acquainted with the language, punctuation, and grammar rules. Each editor has their own strengths, their preferred genres, and their own prices.


Before you settle on an editor, do thorough research to make sure their style fits your needs. World Indie Warriors has a few great editors on their list. 

World Indie Warriors | Editing Services

Marketing Services

World Indie Warriors | Marketing Services

Marketing a book is often one of the last items on an author’s to-do list, but it should really be at the very top.


It’s never too early to start telling your prospective audience about what you have coming up, so getting your marketing plan in order is a must.


If you are in need of marketing services providers who cater to and are part of the indie community, check out these marketers. 

They are here to serve you.

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