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Meet Our Team

World Indie Warriors | Michelle Raab

Michelle Raab

Michelle Raab is not the biggest fan of talking about herself unless you ask her about what her current passion project is, then she’ll talk your ear off. If she’s into something, she’s all in. She is currently working on a sci-fi dystopian novel, has founded a group of indie creatives called the World Indie Warriors, is a branding and marketing consultant for indie creatives and freelancers, and is a middle-aged mom of a preschooler. So yeah. She’s tired.

She holds a doctorate in psychology, does photography, and loves to play with graphic design. She loves fantasy and sci-fi and sappy love stories. Her favorite trope is friends to lovers, which is by no coincidence how she found the love of her life.


Michelle - Adv.

Our Founder and Fearless leader, Michelle, is also our marketing guru. She directs, assigns and delegates assignments like a conductor wields a baton. With a Doctorate in Psychology, she knows exactly who can do what (even when we don’t) and will gently lead us in the right direction until we see the light.

World Indie Warriors | Cassidy Reyne

Cassidy Reyne

Cassidy Reyne is originally from Sweden, but lives in London, England with her husband and grown-up son. Her daughter has fled the nest all the way to Australia but keeps in contact with lots of video calls.


She writes steamy, romantic suspense novels full of angst, drama and all the feels. Reading books  is as necessary for Cassidy as breathing air, and she devours stories of many different genres every chance she gets.


When she’s not working on her books, she enjoys photography, the theatre, traveling to far-flung places, good food and wines, and spending time outdoors —  preferably in Sweden —

either on a boat in the archipelago or amongst the trees in the deep woods.



Advisor for Membership Relations, Indie Creative Outreach, Content Support


Not a fan of attention, Cassidy prefers seeking out members and collaborations, and providing support in the quiet reaches of our website, but make no mistake, she’ll shout — loudly — to be heard when she has something to say. Somewhere inside, there’s a howler monkey waiting to be set free.

World Indie Warriors | Jodie Groom

Jodie Groom

Adopted by the north, Jodie lives amongst the valleys and moors of West Yorkshire with her husband and daughter.

When not reading or writing, Jodie can be found attempting all manner of crafts, getting in touch with her spiritual side, or sitting in front of the t.v. watching Formula 1.


Jodie is an active member of the World Indie Warriors, often squirrelling away behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Advisor for Structural Framework, Social Media, and Event Planning


If we hit a snag, you can guarantee Jodie has already located and corrected it, put a new procedure in place and written the manual

World Indie Warriors | Ally Aldridge

Ally Aldridge

Ally was born in London but grew up in Suffolk which is where most of her YA Fantasy novels are based.


She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and together they are raising two cats, their son and daughter.


When Ally is not writing (or at her day job), she loves spending time with her family at the local beach, in the forest or watching way too much Netflix.


Advisor for Creative Designs, e-Zine, Brochure and Publicity

Colors and words flow like a waterfall from Ally’s mind so when we need things to look pretty as well as informative, she will be on the job.

World Indie Warriors | Ricki Delaine

Ricki Delaine

Ricki Delaine spent her childhood daydreaming of far-away worlds. Today, she writes Fantasy, Romance and Sci-fi. A Hawaii girl, she loves the ocean and anime, superheroes and rooting for the underdog. When she’s not writing, she spends her time playing games, beaching it and fangirling over the latest book/movie/show with her super-supportive hubby and beautifully creative daughters.


Advisor for Strategic Planning

Ricki looks far ahead and comes up with our strategies long before anyone else has even thought about it. 

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