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Find Your Tribe

Writing for many of us is a solitary event. Unless you have a writing partner, you are creating your world, your characters, and crafting your story alone. When you have a writer's block, you have to deal with that alone as well. But there is a way to not feel so all by yourself as a writer. You can find a group of people who understand you; your tribe.

Your tribe does not have to look like you or write what you write. They can just be a group of people who you can work with, who you can bounce ideas off of, and who can help keep you on task. However, if it is what you need, you can also look for a group that understands your genre, your style or your creative process. Your group can be small or it can big, They can be a group of people you know or a group of people you find. They just have to make you feel at home.

Don't think there is no one out there who understands you. It isn't true. It just seems that way because there are so many people who may not do what you do, People exist who will mesh with who you are. If you already have a tribe, you know the way they make you feel. They make you feel seen and give you some comfort that you are not alone. They get you. If you haven't found that group yet, keep looking. Look at your libraries, online, at your local bookstore or even at your church (if you are so inclined). Your tribe is out there and they are waiting for you.

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