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Check out this recent release for November/December 2021

Our members are amazing! Check out this recent release!

From Grace Herbst

Young Adult

Faithful New Danielle is the fourth installment of the YA contemporary series Behind Closed Doors. It is now available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon. Here is the blurb: She thought she had all she needed – now she’s about to lose everything.

Danielle can’t imagine life without her family and God - two of the most important relationships she has. But when Danielle discovers she has inherited a heart condition from her father, she learns that it could be fatal if not properly treated. Her college plans and lifelong dreams are uncertain.

For the first time in her life, Danielle feels her faith being tested like never before, as she grapples with questions about her future and how precious her life truly is. The more she explores her doubts in God, the more her family relationships fracture as their opposing beliefs clash.

Without her faith and her family to support her, Danielle grows more and more despondent. Can she renew her relationship with God and make amends with those most important to her before she throws her whole life away and spirals into hopelessness?



From Bobby Nash

“Half an inch is all that stands between life and death.”

Abraham Snow, former undercover agent turned do-gooder, helps those in need while searching for the man who shot and left him for dead.

SNOW Series 1, Volume 2 collects the second 3 SNOW stories [SNOW TRAPPED, SNOW STAR, and SNOW DOWN] together for the first time.

Paperback: Ebook:

SNOW TRAPPED: The investigation into Miguel Ortega and Daniella Cordoza heats up. Abraham Snow and his former handler, Elizabeth Walker find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time when a team of hired mercenaries break into a storage and retrieval site hidden in an average office building where they chose to meet.

SNOW STAR: Murder or suicide? To the world at large, Miranda Shake is a big star best known for her work on the long-running television series, The Adventures of Amazing Woman. Snow knew her before the fame. Reconnected, Snow has fallen for her. When Miranda Shake is found dead on New Year’s morning, having apparently jumped from the roof of her condo while wearing her TV superhero costume, everyone is quick to call it suicide. Everyone except Abraham Snow. He’s convinced she was murdered and vows to bring her killer to justice.

SNOW DOWN: Reeling from a terrible loss, Abraham Snow has no time to grieve as he finds himself the target of an old enemy. Unarmed, outgunned, cold, and outnumbered, Snow fights for survival in a winter mountain wonderland where he comes face to face with his greatest foe for one last confrontation. It's all been leading to this! Who will make it out alive?

BEN Books presents: SNOW Series 1, Volume 2. featuring 3 action-packed stories from award-winning author Bobby Nash.

Available today in paperback and Kindle ebook. Read it free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Audio coming soon. Snow Trapped, Snow Star, and Snow Down remain available individually in paperback, Kindle, and audio as well.

SNOW HUNT, the 7th book in the Snow series will premiere in 2022.

Learn more about SNOW at Learn more about the author at Published by BEN Books.


From K M Ryan

Now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! The Meeting is the second book of the What If series, but can be read as a standalone.

When Kailynn cuts ties with her longtime boyfriend/business partner, she hires a lawyer to help her sort things out and salvage what she can of her life’s work.

Chase, a lawyer who is starting over in a new town after the end of a 10-year marriage, is all business with no room for romantic thoughts as he tries to build his client list.

But when Kailynn hires Chase to help her resolve her legal troubles, there is an attraction that can’t be ignored.

Chase struggles with the ethics of business and pleasure, while Kailynn battles with how soon is too soon to move on.

As they struggle to keep their relationship professional, will they still want to be together when it’s no longer forbidden?

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