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Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Contemporary Fantasy

World Indie Warriors | Kara S Weaver

Kara S. Weaver

When everyone has an ulterior motive, who can she trust?

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World Indie Warriors | Douglas S. Pierce

Seeds of Hope (Series)

Douglas S. Pierce

“Return this kindness by giving the gift of music to someone else in their time of need.”

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World Indie Warriors | Elexis Bell

Allmother Rising

Elexis Bell

A broken-hearted priestess and a deposed prince team up with a ranger and a rebel with one too many secrets. In the name of The Allmother, they go to war to save their lands.

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World Indie Warriors | N.M. Thorn

The Shadow Enforcer (Series)

N.M. Thorn

It was supposed to be a peaceful town, completely supernatural-free...

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World Indie Warriors | S.L. Mason

These Hallowed Hills (Series)

S.L. Mason

In a game of hide and seek, the Fae will always win.

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World Indie Warriors | J.D. Groom

Sorceress of Truth

J.D. Groom

17 year old Tory Harper wants nothing more than to fit in. Her relentless classmates made her school life hell, and so she adopted a loner lifestyle, investing her time in study and music...

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World Indie Warriors | Ricki Delaine


Ricki Delaine

An uncertain future -- Theron’s time protecting the soon-to-be Empress is ending.

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Children / Young Readers

World Indie Warriors | Chris Turnbull

Chris Turnbull

Olly is a Jack Russell Terrier with attitude, and he takes his jobs of protecting the house extremely seriously.

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World Indie Warriors | Erika Deery

Millie and the lost colours

Erika Deery

Millie and the lost colours is a bilingual English-Spanish book that will foster children’s imagination and creativity.

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World Indie Warriors | Laurie Wright

Mindful Mantras (Series)

Laurie Wright

Kids learn well through repetition, and simple easy to 'get' kid-language. 

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World Indie Warriors | Andi Cann

What to Do When You're Feeling Blue

Andi Cann

Sadness happens.

Let's help kids cope with it.

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World Indie Warriors | Raven Lowery

The Girl and the Dragonfly

Raven Lowery

Dragonflies usually represent change and living in the moment. "The Girl and the Dragonfly" is a story about a little girl who meets a dragonfly. The dragonfly helps the little girl learn how to live in the moment while also bringing her happiness.

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World Indie Warriors | Victoria Smith

Big H and Little h Dog

Victoria Smith

Little h Dog is no ordinary dog and Big H is no ordinary owner. What will Big H do to help his little pup's poorly muscles? Where does the Super Vet fit in? And will Little h Dog ever get to chase a ball in the park again?

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World Indie Warriors | K. Meador

A-Z Picture Books for Girls (Series)

K. Meador

In this delightful volume you will find a series of books starting with names from the Alphabet from A - Z. Each story can be read independently and is full of adventure, fun, and laughter. Some have an underlying theme but some do not.

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World Indie Warriors | Justin Swapp

The Shadow Magic Series

Justin Swapp

A broken family. A hidden secret. The power to destroy the magical world.

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World Indie Warriors | Darcy Pattison

A Little Bit of Dinosaur

Darcy Pattison

Did you know that you have a little bit of dinosaur in you?

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YA / Coming of Age

World Indie Warriors | Carrie Weston

Carrie Weston

Lilly Honey Star is a 15-year-old like no other; she is the sole survivor of a mass murder and is suspected of being the half-mad murderess. 

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World Indie Warriors | Katelyn Uhrich

A Choice For Essence

Katelyn Uhrich

The Land Above is not as beautiful as it appears. Sheltered within the palace nursery for the first seventeen years of her existence, Essie knows nothing of the darkness lurking behind the bright exterior.

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World Indie Warriors | T.L. Shively

The Secret Sanctuary

T.L. Shively

Descendants of gods. Fated Guardians. High school students. 

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World Indie Warriors | Ellie Mitten

Finn and the Riddle of the Shells

Ellie Mitten

I call for the help of a magical child, One with the strength to take on the wild…

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World Indie Warriors | David Combs

The Witches of Pioneer Vale (Series)

David Combs

Angelica Brighton is a typical 21st Century High School senior - a diligent student, a track star, and surrounded by good friends.

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World Indie Warriors | Kaitlyn Legaspi

Red Blood

Kaitlyn Legaspi

In the fifty-two domains, there exists two groups of people: The bound and unbound, those without powers and those with them. Only the unbound can hold the highest positions in the government: The Card Holders.

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World Indie Warriors | I Velez

I Vélez

The End of Days is approaching and the key to accelerating humanity's demise is hidden among the humans themselves...

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World Indie Warriors | Heather Grace Stewart

Love Again Series

Heather Grace Stewart

Would you travel the world with a perfect stranger?

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World Indie Warriors | Cassidy Reyne

The Bound by Conviction Series

Cassidy Reyne

Nikolas has finally found his soulmate. With painful experiences from previous relationships he grasps this chance of a happy future with both hands but can he hold on or is he about to lose her forever?

  • Amazon
World Indie Warriors | Nicola Hebron

Wiccan Romances: Sam's Story

Nicola Hebron

Amelia, Ben, Charlie and Sam Taylor have just learnt that they have inherited magic powers from their dad. Join them as their powers grow and they battle a long-term family enemy, all while navigating their school and love lives.

  • Amazon
World Indie Warriors | M.L. Broome

And Then Came You

M.L. Broome

♥♥♥A steamy friends-to-lovers romance that’s full of heat, heart and a sob-worthy happily ever after.♥♥♥

  • Amazon
World Indie Warriors | Michelle Corchis

Waves of Fury

Michelle Corchis

Waves of Fury, Wicked Warriors MC, Ontario Chapter: Bleeding Souls Saved By Love! (Wicked A Bad Boy Biker Motorcycle Club Romance)

  • Amazon
World Indie Warriors | Marissa J. Gramoll

A Game Like Ours

Marissa J. Gramoll

To the outside world, Bobby Anderson is an attractive, charismatic baseball star.

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Thriller / Horror / Crime 

World Indie Warriors | Kaitlyn Keller

Kaitlyn Keller

In the rural countryside of Eastmarsh, nineteen-year-old Lucy Aims witnesses a fire that consumes her village, taking her family and everyone she knows with it. 

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World Indie Warriors | D.M. Taylor

The Reckoning Series

D.M. Taylor

If Katniss Everdeen had a PhD in Quantum Physics she'd be a perfect fit in Dr. Taden Barrett's world of time travel. Can Taden's technology save her country or will she make a choice that even time travel can't undo?

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World Indie Warriors | Stephanie M. Matthews

The Gift (Series)

Stephanie M. Matthews

“The Gift” will change Christmas forever.

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World Indie Warriors | Bobby Nash

In The Wind: A Tom Myers Mystery

Bobby Nash

A safehouse ablaze.4 dead federal agents. A missing federal witness.2 wounded agents clinging to life. Another day at the office for Sheriff Tom Myers.

  • Amazon

New Adult


D J Cook


Love doesn’t always go according to plan. Liam has it all, including a successful drag fashion business and a ride or die best friend. However, he is entirely unlucky in love. He wakes up in the beds of strangers far too often in a bid to feel the validation his past so cruelly left him without. That is until a starry-eyed man sweeps him off his feet leaving Liam powerless and wanting more. Liam fights to overcome his insecurities and those of his one true love, but when they start to get in the way, he quickly realises that love is more complicated than he expected. Can Liam still have all he dreams of, or is life just too unfair?

*Can be read as stand alone

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Tamsin (Book 1 in the TLC Series)

D J Cook




Tamsin Cross has the world at her feet: she knows exactly what she wants and what to do to achieve it.


All she has to do is graduate.


Everything is going according to plan, until a single phone call diminishes all hope of achieving her goals, leaving a devastating trail of destruction in her path.


As her world continues to fall apart around her, Tamsin fights through the mess to piece her life back together, stubborn and unaware she can't do it alone.


Her best friend steps in to save her from the cruel mistress that is her life, but it takes an unexpected hero to truly come to her rescue.



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New Adult
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